Beyonce concert


Date & time Mar 31 '16
Event ends Apr 1 '16
Atlanta, GA
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Beyonce concert

Put all of it aside for a moment: the fact she and her family are as close as we get to royalty, and that we swoon breathlessly over Instagrams as they tour the most beautiful spots on the planet, often by yacht. Strip it all aside and what do you have? Simply one of the most dynamic and engaged concert performers of her (or any) generation, singing songs that are full of joy and empowerment with a voice that even detractors recognize as both a technical and emotional wonder. Beyonce Knowles's evolution from new soul prodigy (she started in the band that would become Destiny's Child when she was eight and scored her first top 10 hit "No, No, No" when she was 16) to the standard bear...

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